●Terminal capacity: 2 SPDTs 400VAC 10A ●Level-1 alarm: 20° level-2 alarm: 35°
●Inclination angle of the side roller: ≤75°
●Protection level: IP67
●Ambient temperature: -20℃~+80℃
●Cable inlet: M20*1.5
●Cable specifications: 6~12mm
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The  belt  sway  switch  is  a  protection  device  for detecting the belt sway, giving an alarm and trigging emergency stop automatically during the running process of the belt conveyor.

The use of the belt sway switch can prevent damage to the expensive belt to avoid further industrial accidents and personal injury.

The belt sway switch is an indispensable protection device for safe operation of the conveying system, which is widely used in iron and steel plants, fire power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.

■ Action Description

● The angle shown in the diagram is the inclination angle of the side roller

● Terminals 1 and 2 are closed with the inclination angle of 20 degrees and open when it recovers to 18 degrees

● Terminals 4 and 5 are open with the inclination angle of 35 degrees and closed when it recovers to 33 degrees

● The action position of the terminal can be changed according to the adjusting cam

 Rigid cast-aluminum shell and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating, suitable for installation in harsh industrial environment

 The protection standard IP67 also to be used in harsh environment

 Excellent durability with high performance micro switches and ball bearings requiring no maintenance

 Rated speed of 5000 rpm for the action lever bearing, 6.35m/s for belt speed

 Accurate action of the protection switch in case of abnormal deviation of the belt with the maximum inclination angle of 75 degrees for the side roller

 Terminal capacity: 2 SPDTs 400VAC 10A

 Level-1 alarm: 20° level-2 alarm: 35°

 Inclination angle of the side roller: ≤75°

 Protection level: IP67

 Ambient temperature: -20~+80

 Cable inlet: M20*1.5

 Cable specifications: 6~12mm

 Conventional belt conveyors, including flat belt conveyors and troughed belt conveyors

 Underground and cableway supporting belt conveyors

 Ship loading and unloading system,

stacker-reclaimer conveyors