● Terminal capacity: AC 380V/3A 220V/5A ● Output: 2 SPDTs ● Protection level: IP65 ● Action force: 0.9kg ● Ambient temperature: -20℃~+80℃
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When the conveyor belt is torn, punctured and damaged at the twisted position, or a sharp object protrudes from the belt, the tear switch can provide the surveillance personnel with interlocking alarm signals or shut off the conveyor, minimizing the damage to the belt.

The belt tear switch transducer is an indispensable protection device for safe operation of the conveying system, which is widely used in iron and steel plants, fire power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.

A pair of switches are installed on both sides of the belt, which are connected together with steel wires coated with two segments of ethylene layers. One end of the steel wire is permanently fixed on the supporting bracket with the other end connected to the spring ball on the tear switch. Two sections of wires form a closed loop with the belt consistent with the belt groove. When one or two wires sweep off due to the objects punctured or suspension of the torn belt, the spring ball is pulled out of the base, causing both switches to perform action, give an alarm signal or shut off the conveyor. After  troubleshooting of  the  accident,  load  the  ball  into  the positioning groove of the tear switch again for manual resetting.

● Rigid cast-aluminum shell and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating, suitable for installation in harsh industrial environment

● Simple and firm structure, requiring no maintenance

● Design of the integral cover plate, easy for wiring and maintenance

● Large-capacity switch contact,  the switch to be trigged with the action force only requiring 0.9kg

● Terminal capacity:  AC 380V/3A 220V/5A    
● Output:   2 SPDTs
● Protection level:  IP65
● Action force: 0.9kg
● Ambient temperature: -20℃~+80℃

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