● Terminals: NO+NC ● Terminal capacity: 250VAC 5A ● Detection action force: 9.8N~14.7N ● Protection level: IP55 ● Ambient temperature: -20℃~+80℃
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As blockage of the chute can induce the accumulation of conveying materials or conveyor belt damage and fire, the chute switch can be used to prevent the occurrence of such accidents.

The chute switch is an indispensable protection device for safe operation of the conveying system, which is widely used in iron and steel plants, fire power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.

The chute switch comprises of swing detection board and limit switch, which is installed on the rectangular opening drilled on the side wall of the chute. When the chute is blocked by conveying materials, the detection plate will tilt outward, causing action of the limit switch to take place.

When  the  fault  is  removed,  the  detection  plate  is automatically reset under the action of the spring.

● Simple structure and accurate action with the swing detection board and limit switch.

● With the internal dust bearing, the action of the detection plate won't be affected even if covered with dust cover. It is suitable for use in harsh environment.

● The action force of the detection plate can be adjusted to 9.8N~14.7N, suitable for small granular materials to bulk materials.

● Terminals: NO+NC    
● Terminal capacity: 250VAC    5A    
● Detection action force: 9.8N~14.7N    
● Protection level:  IP55    
● Ambient temperature: -20℃~+80℃
The chute switch is installed with side holes, with installation of the switch  parallel with the running direction of the conveyor. If there is a possibility of conveying materials directly contacting the switch, install a protective plate about 150mm above the switch in order to prevent impact of   falling materials during use.