●Output: 1C terminal AC250V 5A (resistive load) ●Action angle: 20° (the clockwise direction or counter-clockwise direction as the action direction from the vane direction, please specify) ●Material: body shell, flange aluminum magnesium alloy shaft, vane SUS304 wear-resistance rubber ●Protection level: IP65
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For materials transported on the belt, the vane located at the front end is used for detection.

As  the  vane  is  tilted  to  a  certain  angle,  the internal micro switch is extruded and outputs the signal indicating whether there is a material flow.

The material flow detection switch is used to detect the instantaneous state of conveying materials on the belt, which is widely used in iron and steel plants, fire power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.

 Rigid cast-aluminum shell and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating, suitable for installation in harsh industrial environment

 Suitable for installation of tapes with various width

 Regular replacement of the vane rubber section according to the use condition

 Simple and firm structure, requiring no maintenance

 Large-capacity micro contacts

 Output: 1C terminal AC250V 5A (resistive load)

 Action angle: 20° (the clockwise direction or counter-clockwise direction as the action direction from the vane direction, please specify)

 Material: body shell, flange aluminum magnesium alloy shaft, vane SUS304  wear-resistance rubber

 Protection level:  IP65