Mining Industry


Mining generally means the exploitation and utilization of metal or nonmetal mineral resources. Valves used in the mining industry face severe operating conditions. Poor valve tightness, corrosion and wear in production cause pipeline aging, valve wear and the need for frequent maintenance. Consequently, the short service life of valves and the high frequency of repairs lead to extended downtime. As a result, the mining industry needs new valve solutions to make the mining and smelting process safer and more efficient.

HCV uses advanced design and simulation software, including CFD and ANSYS (FEA), which can simulate a product’s flow, mechanic and wear conditions. Control valves, eccentric rotary valves, metal-based ball valves, butterfly valves and other products developed and optimized by these advanced technologies can significantly improve product performance and help realize a long production cycle of process automation.

HCV valve solutions for the mining industry can help improve the safety and environment, improve the working condition of process piping, enhance customers’ facilities, prolong valves’ service life and reduce the downtime caused by maintenance.

Main Application Areas:

Iron Ore Mining and Smelting

Aluminium Ore Smelting and Processing

Nickel Ore Mining and Processing

Copper Ore Smelting and Processing