Chemical Industry


The chemical industry is a basic and pillar industry in the national economy. Its development speed and scale have direct influences on every link of the society and economy. The chemical industry is characterized by numerous categories, complicated processes, diversified products and countless discharges of various highly poisonous pollutants in production. Therefore, the chemical industry taking a path to sustainable developments is of great practical significance to human, to our economic and social development.

The modern chemical industry has made efforts to reduce emissions, increase plant safety and environmental protection, while facing strict government management requirements, which have different content for different nations and markets. HCV can provide high-quality control valves, eccentric rotary valves, butterfly valves, ball valves and other products, to meet the demands in chemical production. We work with customers closely through our global sales network and help customers use our manufacturing capacity, experience, R&D technologies and rich knowledge, to have constant chemical process innovation in the face of new market opportunities.

Main Application Areas:

Petrochemical Industry

Refined Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Basic Chemical Industry