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Type 2004 is a kind of global-style, single seat, cage-guided and direct-acting high pressure control valve, it offers push-down-to-close plug action. It is special designed for high pressure applications, features with metal-PTFE seating c and age guiding for a  rugged and stable structure. The flow channel has the character flow-stream dynamic design, linear contouring improves the flow capacity compare to normal valves. Special valve trim designs with surface harden process keep the perfect shut-off ability in high-emperature applications. The noise-reducing cages and anti-cavitations cages with different designs

attenuate aerodynamic noise in gaseous service, and reduce cavitations damage in liquid service. 2004 high pressure cage-guided control valve are widely used in different areas such as petrol-gas, chemical, power generation and steel industries especially for high-pressure applications, with accurate and reliable on-off and throttle control.

2004 Control valve selection guide
2004 control valve is special designed for .high pressure applications, standard pressure rating is ANSI9 00, 1500 and 2500. The character linear design improves the flow capacity compare to normal valves, different trim designs ensure the reliable control even in severe applications. 2004 control valve has three types: 2004D, 2004T & 2004S.
2004S valve use a unbalanced valve plug, with graphite plug piston rings, used for low-flow applications, valve size from 1.5 x 1 to 6 inch, it can be assembled with special noise-reduced and anti-cavitations cages.
2004D valve uses a balanced valve plug, valve size from 2 to 20 inch.  Multiple graphite seal rings are used for normal shut-off classification Class II, III & V,  and use the metal C-seal for shutoff classification Class V with temperature up to 593 o C (1100 o F).
2004T uses an balanced valve plug, valve size from 2 to 14 inch, with a pressure-assisted PTFE valve plug seal ring to perform shutoff classification Class V with temperature up to 232 o C (450 o F)

Valve size 1.5x1, 2x1, 2, 3x2, 3, 4x3, 4, 6x4, 6, 8x6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,20 inch, detail in Table 1
Valve types 2004S 2004D 2004T
unbalanced valve plug  for low-flow applications size from 1.5 x 1 to 6 inch selectable noise-reduced
and anti-cavitations cages
balanced valve plug size from 2 to 20 inch shut-off Class II, III & V
with multiple graphite seal rings or Class V with metal C-seal
balanced valve plug size from 2 to 14 inch pressure-assisted PTFE valve plug seal ring
Class V with temperature
232oC (450 oF)
Valve port size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch, detail in Table 30
3 ~ 8 inch, detail in Table 30 &Table31
Valve size Port size for ANSI 1500 Port size for ANSI2500
8 ~ 10 inch 178 mm( 7 inch) 137 mm(5.375 inch)
12 ~14 inch 254 mm (10 inch) 178 mm( 7 inch)
14 inch -- 356mm (14 inch)
20 inch -- 356mm (14 inch)
Maximum  inlet pressure With steel Valve body Flange  and weld connection detail in Table 1
With stainless steel valve body Flange  and weld connection detail in Table 1
Weld connection detail in Table 1
Maximum  inlet pressure
Class900, 1500 & 2500 comply with   standard  ASME   B16.34, other restrictions in bellow
Pressure-temperature limitation for valve size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch with ANSI 2500  in Figure 20
Pressure-temperature limitation for size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch valve trims in Figure 22
Pressure-temperature limitation for butt weld steel valve  in Figure 19
Maximum pressure Drop Standard cage Pressure drop for ANSI 2500, valve size 1.5 x1 ~ 6 inch in Figure 22
Pressure drop for ANSI 1500 &2500, valve size 8 ~ 14 inch in Figure 21
Pressure drop for valve trims with valve size 1.5 x1 ~ 6inch in Figure 22
Pressure drop for valve trims with ANSI 1500 &2500 & valve size 8 ~ 14 inch in Figure 23
SILEN-E cage 2 stage cage 3 stage cage
149 bar(2160 psi) 207 bar(3000psi)
SILEN-D cage Class A1 Class B1 Class C3 Class D3
0.6 v P/P1 0.75 v P/P1 0.85 v P/P1 0.99 v P/P1
Construction material Detail in construction material and temperature range in Table 13 &Table14
Temperature limitation 2004D/2004S: Maximum to 593oC (1100 oF), restrictions in bellow
2004T: Maximum to 232oC (450 oF), restrictions in bellow
Restrictions Trim materials temperature range for valve size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch in Table11
Trim materials temperature range for valve size 8 ~ 14 inch in Table12
ANSI 2500- valve body material temperature limit for valve size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch in Figure 20
Trim materials temperature limit for valve size 1.5x1 ~ 6 inch in Figure 22
ANS1500/I 2500- valve body material temperature limit for valve size 8 ~ 14 inch in Figure 21
ANS1500/I 2500- valve trim material temperature limit for valve size 8 ~ 14 inch in Figure 23
Temperature limit with SILEN-D & SILEN-E cage in Table 11 &Table12
Temperature limit  for construction material  in Table 13 &Table14
Construction materials Construction materials for valve size of 20 inch in Table 10
Process connection and size Butt weld (BW) Comply with   standard  ASME B16.25/ B16.34
Detail in valve size and end-connection Table18 &Table19
Flange RF (Raise-face) Flange, Class900, 1500 & 2500 comply with   standard ASME   B16.5
RTJ (Ring-Type-Joint Flange),  Class900, 1500 & 2500 comply with  standard ASME   B16.5
Socket weld (SW) Comply with   standard  ASME B16.11/ B16.34 Detail in valve size and end-connection Table18
Valve trim material design Valve trim has different material designs for plug, stem, seat ring, cage, etc. Detail in Table 10
Special High-pressure design
2004 control valve is special designed for .high pressure, standard pressure rating is ANSI900, 1500 and 2500. With Butt welding it allows the intermediate special ratings, and even for higher pressure /temperature applications.
Shutoff Class V in high temperature
Multiple graphite seal rings are used to perform shutoff classification Class V with temperature up to 593 o C (1100 o F). With metal C-seal 2004D/2004T control valve perform shutoff classification Class V with temperature up to 593 o C (1100 o F).
Balanced trim design increase stability
2004D/2004T control valve has balanced trim construction and standard design, valve can be assembled with small design and low cost actuator, reduce the stock need for valve parts.
Long trim life
Improved standard cage design has drilled-hole to offer excellent strength and additional vibration- resistance; rugged cage guiding provides increased valve plug stability, reduce the vibration and mechanical noise. The cage, plug, cage guiding and all other trim parts are harden processed, providing excellent wear resistance ability.
Noise-reducing and anti-cavitations design
Different effective designs of noise-reducing cages and anti-cavitations cages, attenuate aerodynamic noise in gaseous service, and reduce cavitations damage in liquid service. They are suitable for wide range of pressure drops and temperature ranges
Sour gas service capability
The valve’s corrosive design follows NACE standard, construction and trim part materials comply with standards MR-0175/ISO 15156 and NACE MR0103, available for sour fluids and gasses applications.
Excellent packing sealing
The packing system use material of PTFE, graphite or duplex packing, with live-loading design, offer reliable and excellent stem sealing, reduce the cost of packing replacement.
Bonnet styles

There are different bonnet types available: standard B0, extension B1, extension B2 and bellow typeB3, particular designed for different process temperatureand leakage requirement.

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