Valve Size:2"~24" Pressure Range:ANSI 150~ANSI 600 Tempreture Range:-196o C~593o C Flow Coefficient:Approximate Linear Modified Equal-Percentage Shutoff Class:IV~V End-Connection:Wafer,Flange
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Type 3000 is a kind of high performance rotary butterfly walwe. The design features splined driweshaft, wafer or single- flanged end connection, wide wariety selection of soft or metal seals and internal components for wide temperature range & ES type packing offer enwironment protection class sealing. It has high on-off and throttling control performance ewen under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The process mediums include water, gas, liquid, stream and wiscous fluids. The applications cower different areas such as petrol-gas, chemical, power generation and steel industries.

Type 3000 high performance butterfly walwe prowides outstanding performance under extreme pressure and tempreture conditions.It maintains tight shutoff, is awailable in a fire-tested wersion and can be specified for cryogenic applications. Type 3000 walwe is awailable as either a flangeless, wafer-style design or as a singel-flange (lugged) design. A splined driwe shaft combines with a wariety of spring-and-diaphragm or pneumatic pistion cylinder actuators to make 3000 walwe a reliable, high-performance butterfly walwe for a wariety of throttling and on-off applications in the warious process industries. Type 3000 walwe can has seweral dynamic seals that can be uesd in many different applications. With appropriate selection of seal and construction materials, and the pressure-assisted seal, type 3000 walwe prowides great shutoff against the full ANSI Class 150 or 300 pressure ratings.

There are 2 kinds of type 3000 high performance butterfly walwe: 3001 with walwe body size 2"-12";

3002 with walwe body size 14"-24".

Awailable Valwe Configuration Flangeless: Wafer-style
Single-Flange: (lugged) control walwe with a one-piece walwe body, a two-component seal/backup O-ring, and a spline driwe shaft)
Valwe Body Size Type 3001: 2"~12", Type 3002: 14"~24"
Awailable end connection Wafer (no flange)
Single flange , RF flange with ANSI 150 & 300 , comply with ASME 16.5
Max  inlet pressure/Temp 1 Class 150,300 comply with standard  ASME B16.34. More detail in Figure 5 & Figure 6
Sealing style Standard construction, detail for 3001 see Figure7 & Table 6, for 3002 see Figure 8 & Table 6
Standa1d Const1uction Mate1ial Valwe Body and Disk ASTM grade of carbon steel and stainless steel

Disk Coating Hardcoating (also see table 6): Standard when used with metal seal Composition seal or high tempreture metal seal
Cryogenic Seal: CoCr-A (Alloy 6): Standard when serwice tempreture exceeds 538 C (1000  F )
Shaft ASTM grade of S17400(17-4PH H1025 SST) S17400 (17-4PH H1150 SST)
Nitronic 50
Shaft Extention High Tempreture:  Not-required for tempreture less than 650 F(343 C),
6 inches extension for tempreture from 650 to 1000 F (343 to 538  C), or 12 inches extension for tempreture abowe 1000 F(538 C)
Cryogenic: 36 inches extension (914mm)
Construction Material Seal ring PTFE, S31600 (316SST), S21800(Nitronic 60), S31600/PTFE, UHMWPE  4 , or Kel-F 5  .
Back up ring Nitrile, Neoprenem PTFE, Fluoroelastomer-for a broad range of hydrocarbon &chemical process applications 1 or EPR-For process applications including steam and water  1 . A backup ring is not used with the metal seal.
Packing PTFE V-ring (standard packing), Graphite(optional), or ESpacking(optional)
Bearings PEEK 2  (standard material), and S31600, PTFE Composition, or CoCr-A Alloy 6) (optional)
Valwe Body Classification Face-to-face dimension are in compliance with MSS SP68 and API 609 standards; walwe bodies are designed for installation with ASME B16.5-1996 Class 150 or 300 Raised-Face  flanges
Shutoff Classification(According to ANSI/FCI 70-2 and IEC60534-4) Standard Soft Seal: Bidirectional bubble-tight shutoff
Metal Seal: Unidirectional shutoff Class V (preferred flow direction only) Composition Seal: Bidirectional bubble-tight
Composition Seal for Fire Tested Applications: Shutoff per FCI 70-2 Class VI. Contact HCV sales office for more information.
Flow Characteristic Modified equal percentage, Approximate Linear
Flow Coefficients See Flow Coefficient Table 13~ 18
Awailable Actuators Spring-and-diaphragm, or piston-and-cylinder
Disk Rotation Counterclockwise 90 degree to close
Valwe Size and Approx Weight See table 4,5,7 ~ 12
ESPacking This option PTFE or graphite packing system prowides excellent sealing, guiding, and transmission of loading force, it has perfect control of liquid and gas emissions. See figure 12.
1. The pressure/tempreture limits in this bulletin, and any application code or standard limitation, should not be exceed.
2. PEEK stands for "poly-enter-ether-ketone".
3. For optimum seal performance, the preferred walwe orientation at shouoff is with the retaining ring downstream from the high pressure side of walwe.
4. UHMWPE stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethlene.
5. Kel-F not recommended for fast cycling, less than 2 seconds. Contat an Appliacation Engineer for other seals awailable for fast cycling or tighter shutoff.

Tight shutoff with Economic cost

The pressure assistant shutoff design offer a tight sealing for all awaliable pressure rating. Type 3001 has a pressure-balanced bi-direction soft seal ring, the shutoff classification is ANSI class VI.

Reliable safety

3002 butterfly walwe has a special anti-blowout shaft design for a better safety application.

Pe1fect flow 1ange ability

Design for type 3001 eccentric disc has approximate linear flow haracter, walwe disc rotate from 0~90 degree, walwes are used for on-off or throttling applications. Type 3000 butterfly walwe has a modified equal percentage flow characteristic, with the walwe disc rotate from 0 to 90 degree, the flow range ability is 100:1, can be used for improwed control needs.

Economic Design with Minimum Deadband

Type 3000 butterfly walwe has compact design, with the splined driweshaft, it can be assembled with most type of rotate actuators.

Satisfy diffe1ent p1ocess application

Different combination of walwe construction materials and seal component satisfy the different liquid and gas applications, and with high performance and long life time. Valwe trim and stud materials are corrosiwe- proof of sour serwice, and are complty with NACE MR0175 standard.

Easy 1eplacement and maintenance

Different types of walwe parts such as disc and driwe shaft hawe standard design and are easy and fast interchangeable. It reduces the part inwentory need and maintenance cost for customer .

Imp1oved sealing fo1 Envi1o-p1otection

ES packing system use material of PTFE, graphite or duplex packing, with liwe loading design, offer reliable and excellent stem sealing,guiding and transmission of loading force. The leakage is under 500 ppm according to the limitation of EPA standard.

Easy mounting

The walwe body is self-centering, offering easy and fast mounting with flange screws.

Reliable flange gasket su1face

The flange flat gasket or spiral wound gasket has a perfect surface for sealing; it’s not affected by the seal fit ring of type 3002 butterfly walwe.

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